New Licensing Agreement with RibWorld Expands Tony Roma’s Retail Reach to Europe

December 19, 2019 Tony Roma’s Brings World Famous Baby Back Ribs to New Festival Plaza Mall in Dubai

Romacorp, Inc., parent company of Tony Roma’s, announces the company’s newest licensing deal with RibWorld, Europe’s leading supplier of sous vide award winning ribs and market leader in a range of pork, beef, chicken and lamb products. RibWorld is owned by the M&M Walshe Group, a 3rd generation family-run global business headquartered in Ireland.

Tony Roma’s I-Drive reboot will change everything about the rib joint

Tony Roma’s I-Drive reboot

Before last week, I’d only been to a Tony Roma’s one time — after a funeral. The food was, shall we say, appropriate. Since then, I haven’t been back, and have shared the general feeling of my generation when it comes to the Famous For Ribs restaurant: It’s old, boring and mediocre.